Usage-based billing for APIs

Charge for your API in minutes with our one-time integration. Engineers never have to worry about API keys, permissions or subscriptions again.

Generate revenue from APIs in minutes.

Integrate with our SDKs

Archetype integrates painlessly with your existing tech stack and enables no-code adjustments to pricing, bundles, and packaging.

Never worry about managing billing, invoicing, API keys, quotas, or permissions.

Save your engineers months of setup and maintenance so they can focus on delivering amazing products.

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Easily Create Complex Billing Models

Use the dashboard to create subscriptions, adjust prices and gate access to premium endpoints. No redeployments required.

Adjust quotas, metered limits and more without rearchitecting billing or rewriting code.

Switch between subscription or usage-based models in seconds.

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Automatically Optimize Pricing Models

Leverage our insights into usage, conversion, retention and cohort segmentation to improve your product and pricing.

Experiment with pricing models with our dynamic pricing system.

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